Let our handyman paint your home in the Jefferson, ME area

Need a Hand With Your Home Improvement Project?

Handyman services in Jefferson, ME and Lincoln County

When you need basic fixes made around your property, hire Camp Security Plus for the job.

Our handyman has the experience to finish a variety of jobs, including:

  • Pressure washing
  • Roof repairs
  • Floor repairs & installation
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Wallpaper services
  • Interior painting
  • Door & Window repair and installation
  • Tile work

We can also thoroughly clean your property in the spring and fall. Call to inquire.

Camp Security Plus uses quality materials on every job. Schedule an appointment today for handyman services in Jefferson, ME and the Lincoln County area.

Gutter cleaning in Lincoln County, ME

Avoid creating a DIY disaster

You thought unclogging the gutters on your home would be an easy task – until you saw the amount of debris in your gutters and realized how far you climbed up the ladder. Don’t suffer through the stress of a botched DIY job. Call on Camp Security Plus to tackle your home repair projects quickly so you can focus on other things.

Get in touch with the handyman at Camp Security Plus in Jefferson, ME right away for a consultation. We also offer construction and home watch services in the Lincoln County, ME area.