Home Watching Services near Damariscotta Lake and Lincoln County, Maine

We'll Manage Your Property While You're Away

Property Management & Home Watching services in Jefferson, ME

If you own a second property in Jefferson, ME of the Lincoln County area, let Camp Security Plus Property Management & Construction maintain it. We provide home watching services while you're away for the season.

Our owner has been helping residents rest easy since 1999 by keeping a close watch on their homes. We offer a variety of home watching services to help you feel at ease when you’re away for the season.

Worried that you forgot to close the garage door? Do you need someone to provide home maintenance while you're away? We’ve got you covered. Concerned about the storm that swept through town? Our home watch and construction pro will take the necessary steps to minimize the damage.

Rest assured that your property will be safe and well taken care of when you arrange for home watch and property management services from Camp Security Plus. Call 207-841-6253 now for a property management consultation.

Know what’s happening at your property

You’ll always be able to contact Camp Security Plus in Jefferson, ME while you’re gone, so there’s no need to worry about your property.

Don’t lay awake at night wondering if the pipes in your vacation home have burst during the latest freeze. Hire Camp Security Plus for home watch services with regular property inspection and maintenance.

Schedule an appointment for home watch services in Lincoln County, ME by calling today.